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Widget: Contact Form

This widget allows you to create a Contact Form and receive emails from site’s visitors.


"Contact Form" widget is separated for two tabs: "Settings" and "Design".

"Contact Form" widget has the following features and blocks: "Email To", "Form Fields", "Form Settings", "Action after Form Submission".

"Contact Form" widget also has the following common features: "Spacing", "Animation".


"Email To" - this field contains your email account details, where the system will deliver emails. If the field is empty, emails will be sent to the email address specified in the admin user profile. Contact Form can deliver submissions from one contact form to several recipients at the same time - just input the list of emails to the "Email To" field separating them by comma and space.



Form Fields

There are 6 main fields presented: "Name", "Email", "Phone", "Address", "Subject", "Attach File", "Message" and "Agreement" (for GDPR purposes). You can enable mandatory feature (*) for each field separately by using Field Mandatory button (“*”), on the right side of each field.


All fields can be removed. You can set the "Email" field for your contact form as optional. This will allow you to collect the necessary information without specifying the visitor’s email address. In this case, you need to uncheck the "Email" field in the "Form Fields" block.

"Agreement" field allows you to enable a confirmation field which won't allow a visitor to send email without accepting your terms and conditions. Now you can set links to website pages related to privacy policy, license agreement, etc. You can edit default text via "Edit" button.


You can enable Text Editor via "Label" switcher and customize your text styles or enable a redirect link via "Link" icon.


Each form field has an icon with two dotted circles on the left, which you can use as a drag option to change the position of each field in the Contact Form.



Form Settings

This block allows you to edit form field’s status messages. There are presented the following fields: "Send Button Text", "Success Message", "Error Sending", "Mandatory Field Error" and "Email Field Error".


"Make Form Inline" feature allows you to use the horizontal Contact Form/Mailchimp widget realigning the fields present in the form. Please be informed that it may negatively impact the design of the current Contact Form.


You can select, whether it's vertical or horizontal on different devices if you disable/enable the device icon.

Also, you can set 0 or higher spacing between the form fields/elements.


Action After Form Submission

"Action" - this feature allows you to enable redirect action once a visitor emails you via your Contact Form widget.


"Reset Form" - this feature will automatically clear all contact form fields after the sending the email.




"Design" tab contains a number of presets, which change the visual appearance of the Contact Form widget.


"Button Styles" block allows you to change the appearance of buttons within the Contact Form widget, including "Send Button", "Attach Button", their size and alignment.



If there are problems with receiving letters through the contact form, one of the reasons may be the protection of the server against phishing.

To avoid this problem, we advise you to use an email containing the current website domain to send messages.

To do this, go to the Settings tab of MotoCMS Control Panel, to the Mail section, and in the "Email from" field, insert the email associated with your domain, for example, where must be replaced with your domain name.


If this method did not help to solve the problem with sending messages, please contact our technical support agents in the ticket system or try using SMTP for sending emails (instead of default mail() php function).


This widget belongs to the Basic widget category. Check out more widgets of this category at the following link: Text, Image, Button, Divider, Space, Menu.

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