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Widget: Menu

This widget allows you to create a site's menu, where you can add/edit menu items, duplicate/remove existing menus, manage redirects through the menu items and edit the hierarchy of the menu elements.


"Menu" section is separated into two main tabs: "Settings" and "Design".

"Menu" widget has the following features: "All Menus".

"Menu" widget also has the following common features: "Devices", "Alignment", "Spacing".

"All Menus" - this feature allows you to choose necessary menu structure from the list of menus.


You can also click "Edit" button in order to enter Menu widget's structure for further editing.



If you wish to create a new menu - please click "Create New Menu" button.


Please specify your menu's name within the "Name" section and click "Add" button.


If you wish to duplicate the menu - please click "Duplicate" button. You can duplicate/remove duplicated menu or new menu widget. If you wish to remove menu - please click "Remove" button.


Please note: you can only duplicate the Default Menu. It's not possible to remove it.

In order to add a new menu item please click "Add Item" button.


There are presented two main features: "Name" and "Link To".


"Name" - this feature allows you to edit a menu item's title.

"Link To" - allows you to enable redirect option for the menu item.

You can edit or remove menu item using appropriate buttons.


"Edit" area shares the same features that are presented in "Add Item" section.



Please note: The number of menu items is unlimited. But the level of subitems is limited to 3.

Please be informed that if you didn't save your menu item - it will have blue overlay color and "draft" status. It means that "Duplicate" feature won't duplicate this item until you save your menu changes. If you saved menu item correctly - it can be duplicated as a part of entire menu widget's structure.



You can drag & drop menu items using your mouse cursor. You will see a dotted border when you drag your menu item. This area indicates the position where you can place a menu item.
!Important! If you wish to create several input levels (up to 3) - you need to relocate the item under the necessary main menu item and move it slightly to the right (dotted line will be visually moved to the right). It is performed by clicking and dragging the 6 dots to the left of the corresponding menu item.


If you move the parent menu item - all submenu items under this parent menu item would be automatically relocated as well.
You can drag & drop a submenu item and place it on the same level as the main menu item (under or over it).


If you wish to save menu changes - please click "Save Menu" button.


"Design" tab allows you to select presets for the regular menu widget, and it's hover style.


"Sticky Preset Name" can be used if your Menu widget is located in the Container widget, where the "Sticky" feature is enabled, allowing you to scroll the page and always see your menu widget on top. For example, you can enable Preset 1 for the "Preset Name" showing one design of the menu widget while not scrolling the page. If you select Preset 2 or 3 for the "Sticky Preset Name" - the menu will look different when you scroll the page.



This widget belongs to the Basic widget category. Check out more widgets of this category at the following link: Text, Image, Button, Divider, Space, Contact Form.

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