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Widget: Text

This widget allows you to create text blocks on your site, where you can add/edit/remove text, customize its font type, style, colors or size, manage redirect links.


"Text" widget also has the following common features: "Spacing", "Animation".

The widget’s height is equal to the height of the text within the widget.


When you place text widget within the column - you will see "CKEditor" with various amount of editing tools.



You can set Bold, Italic or Underline text style, customize heading (for example, for SEO purposes), edit font’s size or align text correctly within the column.
"Styles"- this tool contains a list of text styles, which can be used within the Text Object. For more details on how to create text styles, please see the following tutorial Text Styles.
"Text Format" allows you to set Headings ("Normal" is used by default).
"Font Size" option allows you to increase/decrease font size.
If you wish to align text within a column - you can use 4 types of alignment: "Left Alignment", "Center Alignment", "Right Alignment", "Justified".


In order to edit text’s color, please click "A" button. There are 25 preset colors presented and 5 additional (independent) colors. Also, you may see “Default” color section, which is used for entire text by default. You can click on the color picker section and change it manually. If you wish to change colors, please click "More Colors" link.


Within the color picker section you can choose any color. In the left column you can see your current color, while in the right section you can see your new color. In order to save results please click "Ok" button. If you wish to abandon changes - please click "Cancel" button.


It's also possible to set the background color under the text in the Text widget to highlight an important part of the text.


If you wish to create a redirect link - please click "Link" button. If you wish to remove the redirect link - please click "Remove Link" button.


If you wish to increase/decrease indent within a text widget - you can use the appropriate buttons.



If you wish to create a "numeral" or "bulleted" list - you can use the appropriate buttons.


"Insert Icon" feature allows you to add various icons into the text.


"Search" field allows you to find necessary icons using specific keywords (for example, you can find music related icon by typing "music" keyword in the "Search" field).


You can manually choose any icon from the list, press "Apply" button and then the icon will appear in the text directly.


"Set fixed width for the icon" feature allows you to display icons on the same level when you create vertical lists.


If you wish to remove text formatting - please click on the "Tx" (clear formatting) button.


You can "Undo"/"Redo" changes for the Text object, using appropriate arrow buttons.


"Tables" feature provides a possibility to create tables (like in Excel document) and fill its area not only with text but with various MotoCMS widgets. You can separate the table into several rows and columns, enable headers, select visual preset which affects its design, add stripes, hover effect to it. You can also enable a compact style if you wish to use a smaller preview version of the table.


This widget belongs to the Basic widget category. Check out more widgets of this category at the following link: Image, Button, Divider, Space, Menu, Contact Form.

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