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Widget: Image

This widget allows you to use/edit image object on your site’s page.


"Image" widget is separated into two tabs: "Settings" and "Design".

"Settings" - this tab provides the following editing tools for your image: "Image", "Title", "Alt Text".

"Image" widget also has the following common features: "Link To", "Devices", "Alignment", "Spacing", "Animation".


Firstly you need to add an image from the Media Library. Please click+ button within the "Image" feature.


The system will redirect you to the Media Library. Please choose the necessary image and click "Apply" button.
You may also choose different image size, when you wish to add image on the site's page from the Media Library (for this please put "Image" widget on the page and it will automatically open the necessary section). "Image Size" is separated into 5 different sizes: Original (Default), Small, Medium, Large, HD (depending on the size of each image). You can choose any size from the "Image Size" drop-down list (if the image meets the required size).
Small- 125*125рх
Medium- 300*300px
Large- 1200*1200рх
Extra Large (HD) - 1980*1980px


Please be informed, that fields Title and Alt Text would be filled automatically, using the image’s details from the same columns, within the Media Library.

"Title"- your image’s title (it can be changed within the same field for a mentioned image within the Media Library). Also, it improves SEO (when you overlay an image with cursor - you will see the image’s title). Search engines can also index such a title.

"Alt Text"- this text will appear instead of your image if your browser’s settings block the possibility to preview images.



This widget belongs to the Basic widget category. Check out more widgets of this category at the following link: Text, Button, Divider, Space, Menu, Contact Form.

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