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Store Category Template

Store Category Template item allows you to customize the appearance of categories page. Categories organize your content in a way that should make it easy for the user to find what he or she is looking for. Category page serve as an index of all the pages and posts that belong to that particular subject.

For instance, an online apparel store might have a parent category like "Men's Shirts" with "Men's Denim Shirts" as a subcategory page, and under that page you might have several more children pages featuring shirts of different sizes, colors and styles.

As the user moves from the homepage to a category page, the URL structure will display the hierarchical structure in descending order from left to right, from to to

There presented extra widgets as: Short Description, Description, Category TitleImage and Filters.

Store Category Template - Short Description and Description

Description and Short Description widgets allow you to show important information about your category on the Category page directly. Please check the Category settings section.

The "Properties" block has "Devices", "Alignment" and "Spacing" which are general widget settings.

Both Short Description and Description text content can be edited at Products - Categories - edit category.

Store Category Template - Category Title

"Category Title" - this widget allows you to display a title of any category on the Category page.

Category Title can be edited at Products - Categories - edit category.

"Category Title" contains the following features: "Style".

"Style" - this feature allows you to set custom font style for the category title.

The "Display" block has "Devices", "Alignment" and "Spacing" which are general widget settings.

Store Category Template - Image

"Image" - this widget allows you to display specific image for each category.

Category Image can be changed at Products - Categories - edit category.

The "Settings" tab has "Spacing" which is a general widget setting.

"Design" tab allows you to modify the appearance of your "Image" widget by selecting various presets (up to 5).

Store Category Template - Filters

"Filter" - this widget allows you to filter products by price range, brands and properties on category page.

The "Settings" tab allows you to change the text for "Price""Brands" and buttons.

"Spacing""Devices" and "Alignment" are general widget settings.

By default, the filters widget displays min and max price only. In order for properties and brands to appear you have to specify them in Products - Categories - Filters Settings tab for each CategoryIf you didn't create any properties and brands you can do it in Product Properties and Product Brands tabs.

The "Design" tab allows you to change the headings and filter items text style. You can also change the appearance of buttons (presets, sizes) and edit checkboxes color.

Once the "Use Customized Checkboxes" feature is ticked, you will be able to change a color for your checkbox.

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