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Store Product Brands

Store Product Brands submenu item allows you to create brands for your shop, with a name, description and image assigned to each.

Store Product Brands - Creating Brands

To start adding brands go to Store > Products > Brands. allows you to create and edit your brand's title, URL, brand image and description. You can add new brand with the help of "Add New" button.
Store Product Brands - Add New

You can set custom "Title", "URL", "Image" and "Description" for each brand.
Store Product Brands - Settings

Brands listed on the right by be edited by clicking the "pencil" icon.
Store Product Brands - Edit Brand

Store Product Brands - Assigning Brands

Go to Store > Products > Catalog and select a product to assign a brand. Find the Brands box on the left side. Select from drop-dawn list a brand you wish to assign to the product. 
Store Product Brands - Assign Brand

Store Product Brands - Import Brand Information From CSV

The product import/export feature built into MotoCMS eStore templates allows you to import  brand information from a CSV file. You’ll need to add a column with the heading brand to the CSV file with the brand names in that column so that the brand information is tied to your products.

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