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Store Product Categories

Store Product Categories item is a useful way to sort and organize your products. You can add/edit/remove categories and subcategories. 

Store Product Categories - Creating Сategories

To add new category please click "Add New" button.

To edit the category, click on a pencil icon.

Each category has four tabs: "General" , "Products", "Filters Settings", "SEO Settings".

Each category has it's own "Title", "URL", "Image" in "General" tab. You can set "Short Description" and "Description" with the appropriate fields.

You can drag & drop categories using your mouse cursor. You will see a dotted border when you drag your item. This area indicates the position where you can place the item.

Also you can bound each product to the specific category under the Categories tab
!Important! If you wish to create several input levels (up to 3) - you need to relocate the item under the necessary category and move it slightly to the right (dotted line will be visually moved to the right).

Store Product Categories - Business to Business

"Business to business" feature in "General" tab allows to set a specific category to business to the  business model. This way, you don't have to set every product in Store Product Catalog to a b2b model. You can set a certain client to the b2b model and he will see the whole b2b category with its products.

Store Product Categories - Deleting Products

"Products" tab allows you to delete a specific product from your category.

Store Product Categories - Filters Settings

"Filters Settings" tab allows you to add existing properties and brands for your Filters widget. In order to add them click on "..." dots in each field. You will see that there's a dropdown with existing options.

If you didn't create any properties and brands you can do it in Product Properties and Product Brands tabs.

Store Product Categories - SEO Settings

In the "SEO Settings" tab for each Category you can set general SEO Settings to improve the position of your products in search results.

"Open Graph Metatag"- this tab allows you to improve the product you share on your catalog. Open Graph meta tags are snippets of text that communicate a page's content with social media (such as Facebook and Twitter).


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