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Blank Template - Where to Begin

  1. Sign up or log in to the existing account on our platform.
  2. On your dashboard, click Create site to start working on it.
  3. You’ll be redirected to a new window where you’ll see a gallery presenting all the available templates. Then find a button Blank website (advanced) at the top, click on it and start creating your site:
    Tip: if you change your mind in favour of our pre-designed template options, visit the article Customizing the ready-made template.
  4. After opening the site’s editor, click on Add Block:
  5. Then proceed to work with blocks - on the left panel, you’ll find all the available ones. There two types of them, Essential and Additional:

    It’s your call which of the blocks to choose as it depends on your requirements and vision of the future site.

    Tip: in case you want to create your own blocks, go to the article Adding a custom block.

  6. To add a particular block to the site, you should click on it. For customizing it, read the article Changing the design of a block.

  7. What can you do to improve the layout of your blocks? Start from adding additional elements like:
    • icons
    • dividers
    • lists, etc. 

    You’ll find them in the pop-up menu - hover over the block, click on the "plus" and choose the needed element.
    Tip: you also have to manage the columns, collections and understand the basic actions with elements, so the article Managing elements will become your lifeline.

  8. The next step worthy of attention is presenting your company or services/products. The content and images are essential for creating an appealing website! Thus, if you’re satisfied with the blocks structure, you should fill them with text and insert your own or stock images. To edit them or adjust their display in the placeholder, go to the article Editing images.
    Tip: the article Site preview will help you see how your site will be displayed on different devices.
  9. It’s essential to add the click action for the elements on your site. Otherwise, the potential client won’t be redirected to other pages, web addresses, etc., won’t find what he/she is looking for, and leave your site. The Link (hyperlink, chain) button will help you setting it up.
  10. Moto4 Site Style tab offers you a huge collection of colors to design the website of your dream. Thus, with its help, you can:
    • set up the color palette
    • change the font of your text
    • customize the global button style

    To start working on your site’s design, in the toolbar, near the Preview button, you’ll see the three dots - click on them and choose Site style:

  11. If you’re ready to show the world your creation, one-of-a-kind website, publish it. Even after that, you can make any changes that will be automatically saved.


    Why is
    the general structure of the site crucial? It provides the best user experience for your visitors. Let’s have a look at its components:

    • header - the top block with:
    • the navigation menu
    • logo
    • language menu, etc. 
    • footer - the very bottom block with  all necessary contact information about your company
    • a contact form for collecting requests and feedback from your future customers

    All in all, present your services in the best possible light by managing blocks, adding content, new pages, changing the design, setting up a video, images, etc.

    We appreciate every client and make everything possible for your comfort. If you have questions or problems with your site, contact our support team via chat or email.

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