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MotoCMS 3 Tools - Backup

"Tools" section allows you to enter a "Backups" area where you can create automatic backups.

Press the "Create" button to generate an automatic backup. It may take a while, depending on the amount of the site's content.

Once it's ready - you can recheck the version of the saved Control Panel, download or remove the created backup archive.

To restore your website from the created backup archive, you need to unzip the archive and upload all folders/files into the template's directory on the server, overwriting all previous files.

Once it's done - re-install the template using the Installation Script, which will appear automatically. If you are not sure how to perform installation - make sure to check this article. You can use either the new (clear) database or the old database (make sure to remove all previous template tables from it via the PhpMyAdmin section).

The installation system will apply all backup changes from the archive to the installed template, effectively restoring all changes from the backup archive.

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