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MotoCMS 3 Installation & Activation


MotoCMS 3 - Installation Procedure

Please make sure that your server configuration fully meets the software requirements:

  • PHP 7.2, 7.3 or 7.4
  • with MySQL 5.1 database support
  • with 'zip' extension and ‘openssl’ extension enabled on the server

If your hosting provider doesn't support such requirements or you still do not have a hosting provider - we suggest you to get it with our recommended hosting company HostPapa as your hosting provider - this is our partner and a top-rated hosting provider with lots of positive client reviews.

By the way, in order to make your site accessible by a user-friendly address, you should have a domain name. You can purchase a domain with HostPapa as well.

Our developers are always working on making the installation procedure easier. This guide will help you to install your MotoCMS 3 template or MotoCMS Landing page template or MotoCMS Store template to your server. However, if you don't want to do this by yourself for any reason, you can order template installation service by following this link, so our support team will be happy to do this for you after receiving your server access details.

In case you face any difficulty while installing your template to your server by yourself - just let us know by submitting a request using this link, we'll do our best to assist you!


Step 1 - Download 'Installer' archive

Once your order is completed - please enter your personal email account, which you've used during the template's purchase. System will send you an email "License Key For Website Installation", which contains all necessary details: Order ID, Installation Guide, download link for 'Installer' and your template's 'License Key'.

Step 2 - Enter your hosting panel and select 'MySQL Database' tab


Step 3 - Create database name, database username and password



Step 4 - Add your created user to the database and enable the 'All Privileges' checkbox



Step 5 - Enter your server

Access your server via the 'File Manager' tool or an FTP program, then upload and unzip the 'Installer' archive in the root directory of your server (it can be public_html or www or httpdocs folder, depends on the server). After that please type your domain name in the browser's URL tab to start the installation procedure.

Tip: If you see Error 500 instead of the installation launcher - make sure to change file permissions in the below folders from 666 to 644:

- the root folder of the template (files api.php, app.php, common.php, and index.php);

- mt-install folder (all files);

- mt-install/library/MotoInstall folder (all files).

Then refresh your browser's page and recheck the issue.

Step 6 - Set Language

Please open your browser and launch the MotoCMS 3 installation script. You need to specify a direct path to the template’s directory on the server (for example is your site’s root directory). Then you need to choose the language of your Control Panel and proceed with the installation procedure.

Step 7 - Privacy Policy and License Agreement

Please confirm, that you have read and accepted our "Privacy Policy" and "License Agreement".

Step 8 – License Key

Please copy/paste your License Key from the email which you've received after the template's purchase into the "License Key" field.

Example of such email is presented below. License Key is presented in the field under the Template's ID.

Step 9 – Downloading Files

The system will download and prepare all files before the installation. It will take several minutes.

Step 10 - Setup Database 

Once everything is done - confirm your language, license policy for the current installation, and setup database for your template. All fields are required (except Table Prefix). These details can be generated via the MySQL Database section in the hosting panel.

"Host Name" - please specify your database hostname. This field is not case-sensitive. Usually, it's localhost (in some cases it can be different - in this case, please consult with your hosting provider).
"User Name" - please specify your database user. This field is not case-sensitive.
"Database Name"
 - please specify your database name. This field is not case-sensitive.
"Password" - please specify your password details. This field is case-sensitive.
"Table Prefix" – please specify your database prefix (if available). This field is not case-sensitive.

Tip: If you see any errors after clicking the "Next" button and you are sure that the database details (including hostname) are correct - please recheck the Step 4 of the MotoCMS 3 Installation & Activation guide and make sure to add the username to the database via the MySQL Database section, granting your database user full permissions, and then recheck the issue once again.

Step 11 - Setup User 

If you have filled all previous fields correctly - system will open the "Setup user" form.

"Name" - administrator name, which can be seen within the site’s Control Panel.
You can change it through the “My Profile” section within the Control Panel.
"Email" - your email account (also your login to the Control Panel).
"Password" - your password to the Control Panel.
"Re-type password" - you need to re-type password in order to confirm password details. 

Step 12 - Installation complete

You will be automatically redirected to the site’s Control Panel after you click a "Start" button.


MotoCMS 3 - Personal Account & Activation

This section allows you to track your purchases, make new purchases, enter your demo site’s admin panel and edit your domain name/IP address details.
In order to enter your account please use the following link: Then you need to specify your e-mail and password details, which you’ve used during the template’s purchase. Please click "Sign In" button to proceed.
personal account & activation sign in

If you accidentally forgot your password - please click on the "Forgot Your Password?" button.
You need to specify your e-mail account and click "Reset Password" button. System will send password on the mentioned e-mail account. You will receive new password during few minutes. 

Notice: If for some reason you did not receive an email, please create a ticket for our technical support.
personal account & activation reset password

"My Profile" section contains "Name", "Phone For Notifications" and "Change Password Fields".
personal account & activation my profile

"Log out" section allows you to leave account.
personal account & activation log out

"My Profile" section contains the following details: "Name", "Email", "Phone Number" and also "Change Password" option. It’s only possible to change your Name and Phone Number.

If you wish to change your password - please specify your old password within the "Old Password" line, your new password within the "New Password" line and then re-type new password within the "Re-type New Password" line.
Please click a "Save" button in order to proceed or "Cancel" button in order to abandon password change.

Personal profile is separated into three main sections: "My Trials", "My Purchases", "My Techsupport".

Personal Account & Activation - My Trials

This section allows you to preview your demo template’s ID, type and how many days are left for expiration. You can use "Preview" and "Edit" buttons.
personal account & activation my trial

"Preview" button allows you to view your live demo site.
"Edit" button allows you to enter demo site's Control Panel.

You can also purchase template and additional offers directly within the My Trails tab, including all made demo changes.

If your demo template has expired - the following options will be available: "Reactivate" and "Buy Now".
personal account & activation buy now

"Buy Now" button redirects you to the official (licensed) template’s page, where you can purchase template.
"Reactivate" button allows you to register new demo template.
personal account & activation reactivate

Personal Account & Activation - My Purchases

This section provides possibility to check your template’s details (Order ID, Product ID, template’s ID), modify domain name/IP address details, download the latest update package for your template and also reactivate/deactivate template’s license.
personal account & activation my purchases

"Update" - this feature allows you to download the latest update version for your template if you're subscribed for MotoCMS updates.
"Domain Name" - this field contains information about your domain name ( it can be edited).
"IP Address" - this field contains information about your server’s external IP address (it can be edited).
"Status" - shows current status of your license (activated/deactivated).
"Activations Remaining" - amount of remaining activations. Activations are the part of License Policy, which prevents users from using one template on several domain names simultaneously. If you change your domain name or IP - you will lose 1 activation. Maximum limit of activations is set to 10.
"Reactivate" - allows you to edit your domain name/IP address details.
"Deactivate" - temporarily deactivates your license. You can activate it anytime.

"White Label" tab allows you to remove any information regarding the MotoCMS company from your site's Control Panel and set your own unique information and labels.
personal account & activation white label

"Amount of available licenses" indicates the amount of available White Label licenses.

After the purchase of White Label license you can rebrand your site with the help of custom titles, URLs, favicon, animated loader and logos.

You can also set custom color for loader and progress bar, choose height for the progress bar and enable/disable links which allow visitor to enter Help Center, submit Support Feedback and receive additional information regarding the current theme.
personal account & activation white label settings

Personal Account & Activation - Loyalty Program

This section allows you to earn achievement points and receive huge discounts for your template's purchases on the regular basis. Also you can purchase templates directly here using "Shop Now" button.
personal account & activation loyalty program

Achievements are separated into 3 main tabs: 1) Make an a Action; 2) Spiritual; 3) Use Our Services
personal account & activation loyalty program

Loyalty levels:

1. "Rookie" - 10% discount.
Requirements: 1) 1+ purchased template; 2) invite 1+ friend using "Invite a friend" option; 3) follow MotoCMS with a help of "Become friends with MotoCMS in social networks" option.

2. "Starter" - 15% discount + 1 free month of VIP support + rebranding for $17 per site.
Requirements: 1) Rookie achievement unlocked; 2) 5+ purchased templates; 3) make a review for 3+ templates; 4) create MotoCMS Heart using Share your MotoCMS Heart with everyone option.

3. "Junior" - 20% discount + 2 free month of VIP support + rebranding for $15 per site.
Requirements: 1) Starter achievement unlocked; 2) 10+ purchased templates; 3) add 1+ site to MotoCMS Gallery using "Add a website to MotoCMS Gallery" option; 4) subscribe to MotoCMS books newsletter using "Learn more with MotoCMS Library" option.

4. "Middle" - 30% discount + 3 free month of VIP support + rebranding for $13 per site.
Requirements: 1) "Junior" achievement unlocked; 2) 25+ purchased templates; 3) make an interview about your product on the MotoCMS blog using "Talk to MotoCMS Marketing" option.

5. "Senior" - 40% discount + 4 free month of VIP support + rebranding for $11 per site.
Requirements: 1) "Middle" achievement unlocked; 2) 50+ purchased templates; 3) create a video testimonial about MotoCMS using "Share a video testimonial" option.

6. "Guru" - 50% discount + Life Time VIP support + rebranding for $9 per site.
Requirements: 1) "Senior" achievement unlocked; 2) 100+ purchased templates; 3) sell more MotoCMS templates with a help of "Sell more with Ready-Made Store" (RMS) option. 

Personal Account & Activation - My Support

This section allows you to contact our technical support, preview your support package, check all your active and closed requests, find all necessary information regarding the editing process.

"Standard Package" is free and available for all our clients by default. "Pro Package" can be purchased separately and it provides various benefits, such as 2 hours reply in ticket (instead of 6 hours), technical support chat, free templates installations and transfers etc. In order to purchase Pro Package you need to press "Activate Package" button.
Personal Account & Activation My Support

You can submit an email to our technical support within the "Support Contact" section.
Personal Account & Activation Support Contact

You can also check your active requests, closed requests or submit new request through the "My Requests" section.

You can also read our FAQ, Manuals and tips or join our Community and discuss your ideas and problems through the "Useful Links" section.

Personal Account & Activation - Activation

If your server’s external IP details and domain name details are incorrect - you will see the following notification after you enter site’s Admin Panel:
"Your product is not activated yet. Please enter your account by using "Activate" button and specify server’s external IP address and domain name details, which are presented below". Please restart application once activation process is completed.
If the issue persists – please submit a ticket to our support department , so our agents will assist you.activate.png

You need to specify your server’s external IP address and domain name details within the IP and "Domain" fields.
If you are not sure about these details - please contact your hosting provider and kindly ask them
to provide mentioned details to you.

Personal Account & Activation - Activate Product

This field contains your purchase details: domain name and IP details. Purchase details are unique and can’t be changed. If you wish to change domain name/IP address details - please specify necessary details within the "IP address" and "Domain Name" fields. Please use "Activate" button to confirm the process.4.png

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