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Store Working Hours Settings

"Working Hours" allows you to configure the schedule of your ecommerce website and automatically disable the shopping cart during the Closed Hours. In order to activate Working Hours, please click on "Enable Working Hours" checkbox.

Store Working Hours Settings - Close Store Now

"Close Store Now" feature allows you to close the store, ignoring all set opening times.

The customer will see the message about Store being closed when adding a product to his Shopping cart. The customer won't be able to proceed to checkout.

In case you want to change the text, you can edit it in Store Localization Settings tab.


If you want to use a new text style, you can create it in Design - Text Styles tab.

Store Working Hours Settings - Standard Open Hours

Standard Open Hours section allows you to set up regular open hours when your shop is open.

You can remove the days when your shop doesn't operate by unticking the checkboxes in necessary days.

"Open From" and "Open To" fields allow you to set the hours when your shop is open.

You can select time either by clicking on up and down arrows or by specifying it manually.

!Be informed, selected time is relative to server time.

Store Working Hours Settings - Custom Open Hours

Custom Open Hours section allows you to add custom open times for your Store. In order to do it please click "Add" button.

You can set a date for your "Custom Open Hours" by clicking the calendar and specify the time in "Open From" and "Open To" fields.

You can delete the added custom hours by clicking the bin icon.

Store Working Hours Settings - Closed Hours

Closed Hours section allows you to add closed hours for your Store. In order to do it please click "Add" button.

Please note! By selecting 'Custom Hours' you specify closed hours for all values from Custom Open hours section above.

"Closed From" and "Closed To" fields allow you to specify the time when your Store is closed.

!Please note, Closed hours section has priority over all open hours sections.

In order to specify Closed Hours for "Standard Open Hours" you should select the necessary days and specify when your Store closes.

You can delete added closed hours by clicking the bin icon.

Store Working Hours Settings - Delivery Time

"Enable Only For Delivery Time Select" feature allows to enable Working Hours only for delivery date/time on checkout.

For example, you specified that your shop is only available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The website visitor will be able to specify the delivery date only at these exact working hours during the checkout.

!Important! If you enabled delivery date for working hours, the shopping cart will still work 24/7.

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