Store Localization | Integrations Settings

This article combines two submenu item points Store Localization | Integrations Settings.

Store Localization Settings

Store Localization Settings item allows you to change description and system messages on the Store page and Checkout page directly.

Store Localization Settings

All you need to do is to find necessary field and change default text on any alternative text in various languages. Please be informed that you can use only one language type at once.

Store Integrations Settings

Store Integrations Settings item allows you to implement QuickBooks service in the Store directly. For this you should to have QuickBooks account - please use the following link.

Store Integrations Settings

Enable QuickBooks Accounting option allows you to enable and configure QuickBooks in your store. In the store templates it is possible to connect only system of accounting - that the data about clients and orders are sent in QuickBooks .
Store Integrations Settings Quickbooks

Client ID, Client Secret and Company ID you will be able to find in your personal account at QuickBooks.

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