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How to transfer the changes from your Moto 3 demo account

In order to transfer the changes from your demo account you will need to perform these steps:

1) Install your default template by using this tutorial.

Important! Please do not use any Prefix (leave the Prefix text field empty) during your template installation.

2) Download archive with changes from our support team. You can request it by submitting a request at this page. Please provide us with your Order ID and link to your demo version in your request. 

3) Upload /mt-content folder from your archive with changes to root folder of your default installed template.

4) Open your phpMyAdmin control panel and remove all Moto CMS tables from your database.

5) Add your database tables from your demo account, by using "Import" section, to import common.sql file from your demo backup.

6) Then open your settings table and change your website.address value to URL of your website(for example

7) Then you can open your Moto CMS 3 control panel. Please note that your login and password for your template's control panel will change to ones that are used in your demo account. You will need to use your demo login and password.

8) Once in your Moto CMS 3 control panel please open settings tab and click on "Save changes" button.

Now all you demo changes will be visible on your website.

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