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Widget: Twitter Timeline

This widget provides possibility to create and edit various Twitter widgets on your site's page. In the other words, you can embed your Twitter Timeline (feed) to your website. So website visitors won't need to go to your Twitter profile on Twitter website - it will be shown directly on your site.

There are such features: "Properties" ("Username", "SEO Title", "Spacing", "Tweet Limit", "Language", "Hide Header", "Hide Footer" and "Color Scheme").


If you select Username, you need to insert your Twitter username in the Username field.


"SEO Title" - this feature will show a specific text until the system will preload necessary tweets.


"Tweet Limit" - this feature allows you to set the limit of tweets (from 1 up to 20) shown on the website page. The rest won't be shown, won't take place on the page.


"Language"- this feature affects the text language within the "Twitter Timeline" area.


"Hide Header" and "Hide Footer" features allow you to hide/show header and footer within the "Twitter Timeline" area.


"Color Scheme"- this feature affects the theme of your "Twitter Timeline" area ("Dark", "Light" or "Transparent" background).



This widget belongs to the Social widget category. Check out the other widgets in this category at the following link: Social Links, Social Buttons, Facebook Feed, Pinterest Board, Instagram Post.

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