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Widget: Social Links

Connecting your site with social media is very important for both your company customers to easily follow you and improve SEO due to increasing conversion between site and social networks. In case your company social networks profiles haven't been created yet, we recommend you to consider doing this.

If you don't have a cover image for your Facebook page, Instagram highlight covers or Facebook/Instagram profile photos, don't know how to choose a keyword-rich username or what should be written in profile description - we'll be happy to assist you with this if you get our Social Media Brand Building service by following this link.


Social Links

This widget allows you to create social links on your site's pages.


"Social Links" widget is separated into two tabs: "Settings" and "Design".


"Settings" tab contains the following fields: "Items", "Display", "Animation".

To add a link to one of your social networks - click on the "Add" button, then specify the URL of your social page. You can enable the "As Image" feature and use a custom icon there. Don't forget to upload the icon image to your media library first. Alternatively, you can choose a default one in the "Icon" section.



Also, you can choose how to process the link in web browser "Open in: "New window" or "Current window", as well as instruct search engines to "No follow".


You also have the ability to use the Advanced Settings where you can select the Icon Color, Background, Border Color for both the icon itself and for the hover.


"Spacing" - is a common widget feature.


"Animation" - is a general setting of each widget.




You can choose a preset for the widget.


Presets are customizable under the Control Panel Design tab, in the Widgets section.


This widget belongs to the Social widget category. Check out the other widgets in this category at the following link: Social Buttons, Twitter Timeline, Facebook Feed, Pinterest Board, Instagram Post.

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