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Mohamed Ghaleb

ALL links don't work


I've installed the website, everything works fine but all links doesn't work.

The home page open no problems, however when clicking on any link for the 1st time, it shows a loading bar and then it does nothing, any other links I click on afterwords it does also nothing.

I've set up the links and menus exactly as described. with pop ups or go to page - nothing work - I think something wrong with my setup.

In addition when I go to the  http://www.domainname.de/home or /contacts ..etc it says page can not be found.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you very much


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Den Amid

Hello Mohamed,

Seems like rewrite directives are not enabled on your server. Please try to upload attached .htaccess file to your server root directory. Then try to check if that was helpful.

Some hosting providers do not allow to upload .htaccess files on their servers and block them so in that case you need contact your hosting provider asking them to enable mod_rewrite and the directives stored in attached .htaccess file.

Contact us if you have any additional questions!

Best regards,

Mathew Brown

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Merih Gungor

if upload original .htaccess file problem is fixed becuse after install changed htaccess files renamed 1.htaccesfile

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