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How do I make a link (text) open a lightbox gallery?

I want to have a "view larger images" option along with a gallery.  I am able to make one tiny image open with lightbox but I want to the text "view larger images" to open a lightbox gallery with multiple images.  Is this possible?

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Ruin Davidson


Unfortunately, it's not possible to open LightBox gallery with multiple images through the text link in both Moto CMS Flash templates and Moto CMS HTML templates. In Moto CMS HTML templates you will be able to open just one image using Link Editor - Open in Lightbox where you need to specify the direct image. However, it's not possible to open the entire gallery. The only alternative solution is to create a redirect link to the page through the text object, where gallery would have an automatic slide show function enabled both with Lightbox widget enabled. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,

Ruin Davidson

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