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Thomas Jhon

Black Label X   What are the Ingredients of Black Label X?

Black Label X is a perfect blend of power boosters that are natural sources of Nitric Oxide and work in favor of your body to grow faster. However, there is no Nitric Oxide in this world, which can work without exercise. Hence, keep it away from your mind that this formula could create magic without you moving or doing something. You need to sweat but in a genuine manner. Now, let’s talk about ingredients.

It contains CON-CRET that is a derivative of creatine HCL, which does two important things for you that are remarkable:

It gives you fast energy that enables you to recover between two sets faster. Moreover, it helps you lift more weight and do more reps, leading to a ton of muscles in the body.

There is one more important fact that you need to know and that is, you need to drink at least 7-8 liters water to choke creatine down. But this solution comes with CON-CRET that is, an ultra-concentrated form of creatine HCL that allows you to take your dosage with a genuine amount of water without feeling bloated or gas. It only gives you energy.

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