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Aaron Moayed

HELP... You sold me a next-to-useless e-commerce plugin... I also need more customizations on CMS template.


1.) The Basic Contact Form widget is not allowing me to add or edit fields... Is there an advanced version or better widget I can add?
2.) SMTP default server is not working, and neither are the ones I'm entering (and I've confirmed that the settings work via another SMTP delivery service)...
3.) How do I remove the shipping option from the E-Commerce MotoCMS checkout page
4.) I'd also like to do a recurring payment type buy option. Thank you for your help!
5.) The Account Details Template under the E-Commerce Store page doesn't have an option to be changed? The font and font color are completely unacceptable, and the fields for checking out are not what I desire. I'd like to be able to change the header and some of the checkout text... This is extremely limited if I can't change any of this... I was under the impression CMS e-commerce would be wayyyyy more customizable. At least guide me to editing the raw files if I can't do it through your admin panel........

Please advise/help. I'm sure I'll have more concerns/questions as I progress my website.

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Sam Clayton

Hello Aaron

As I can see our technical specialist is solved this issue. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Sam Clayton

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