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Richard Denton

Community Website membership system

As my template was purchased solely for a gaming site community ,it is pretty obsolete for me without the ability to create a membership system.

A login /register  function is a must needed function for users on just about any website nowadays and the whole point of using a site builder is for the webmaster to be able to implement this with ease.  Otherwise i may aswell go back to trying using Dreamweaver or Muse.

No site users can interact if a membership system is not introduced .

PULL your socks up Moto  and implement this fast or its a sinking boat .

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Sam Clayton

Hello Richard,

Thank you very much for your idea! I have already added it to our Feature Requests List. Our developers will consider adding this feature in one of our future updates.

We really appreciate our customer's feedback. Please, contact us anytime!

Best regards,
Sam Clayton

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