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Mobile version 100% width not possible?!



I could not find a way to auto fit the mobile webpage to all smartphones displays. A static width is not a good idea...

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Sam Clayton

Hello Gökhan,

As you know Flash doesn't work on Mobile devices, that's why our developers have integrated such feature as Mobile Editor, which allows users to create a Mobile (HTML) version of the template, which would be seen on all mobile devices, including Ipads and Iphones. You can easily reach it by going to "Switch to Mobile Editor" button in the top menu of the admin panel.

However, if you haven't created a mobile version yet - you need to create it from scratch.

When it would be finished - you need to perform the following steps:

1) enter your main website's Control Panel (not mobile one);

2) Choose Preferences - Website Preferences;

3) enable the following feature: Redirect mobile devices to alternate version of site. So the redirect feature will automatically redirect all your mobile devices to the current mobile version.

Best regards,
Sam Clayton

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