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Changing background color.

I have been trying to change the Background color of my website by editing the Document Settings of moto.xfl and website.xfl.

I changed the HEX code from GREY #1c1c1c to BLACK #000000 - I did also change the code in the Config.xml file.

But when I go to or log into the admin panel, I still keep seeing the background color in the flash animation in Grey color.

Also the background seems to have a strange round Gradient in the middle, of which I do not see when I am editing the .xfl files in the Flash CS6.

I also reaplced all the .xml files in the "fla" folder, but still nothing, still grey gradient in the middle.

Then I thought, maybe I also need to replace the .swf files (moto.swf and website.swf) but after publishing these AS3 and flasphalyer 11.2 settings, then the website did not load up at all. This is driving me crazy, what am I doing wrong?



Sam Clayton

Hello Martin,

As I can see our technical specialist is already solved this issue. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Sam Clayton

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