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Stephen Matthews

Turn off loading screen

Hi, it is possible to turn off the loading screen, the screen that goes from 0% to 100%. Even though I have fibre optic broadband, the website is very slow to open. If not, is there a way of speeding up the loading screen.

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Ruin Davidson


Unfortunately, it's not possible to remove the preloading screen due to the fact, that it's a part of all Flash templates (including Moto CMS templates) and it must preload site's content before launching the site. In order to speed up the process you may try to reduce overall amount of content or edit the image's size (reduce it) or use Compress&Preview site feature, which is located within the "File" section.  This feature allows you to compress .xml files (content files) of your template, which improves overall loading process of your site. Please be informed that if you make any change - files would be uncompressed, so it's recommended to use it when you don't perform any editing on your site.

Best regards,

Ruin Davidson

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