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How does loading of the page works?

I made a page on my flash website that ment for gallery. That was the place where I put small pics that are linked to the popup that cointains thumbnail gallary that is linked to lightbox. I resized imges for thumbnail pics and used originals for preview. Problem is that entire popup is loading for ages. Originall pics are up to 100kb. Is there a way to speed it up?


Also what does preload widget option do?

and what does auto load and start option do?


There is one more problem. I dont seem to find an option to change direction of my menu. I can only use menu that is placed horizontaly and drops down submenu. I want to have one more on my page that is vertical and drops submenu left or right.


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Den Amid


We need to test your particular website to see the reason of slow popup launching. That's why we have submitted a request for you to provide us with information about your website and server.

Preload Widget Option enables loading selected widget with whole website process. This option affects website loading time that's why we recommend to select important widgets for this purpose.

Auto Load Option means that slideshow would be enabled automatically as page with gallery is loaded.

Start Option allows to select an image from which the slideshow begins.

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Mathew Brown

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