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I am in need of Photoshop file

Has anyone else expected the photoshop file and not received it in the download?   On template monster it show the photoshop screenshot, and expecting the file to be included, it was not.  There is even a code to unlock the resources folder, but no resource folder.  Anyone else experience this and what resolve did you get?


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Den Amid

Hello Brian,

We are really sorry for such a delay! I see that you purchased Moto CMS HTML template that can be edited using Control Panel tools. Source files are required for Flash based templates as some animations can not be edited using Control Panel. Moreover there are just flash source files without .PSD.

Thus both types of templates (flash and html) are generated in the same way that's why there is empty folder for source files in HTML template package.

Thank you for understanding!

Best regards,

Mathew Brown

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