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Can't get my widget to link

Greetings...I've been trying to get my widget to link to an external URL.  I create the widget (simple element: link), type what I want it to say ("For more info click here") and then when I click on Actions > select Enable Click Action > Open URL > (then I cut and paste the URL), then as soon as I go to save, or do anything else, if I click back to Actions, it didn't save!  It's driving me crazy!

I finally got one to work but I have no idea how it took.  I resized the text field and it suddenly saved the URL info.  I tried that with my other ones to no avail.

This feels like a possible bug.  There's not other reason I can see or think of for why it's not auto-saving the action.  Once I click the Enable Click Action box, it should save but it does not.

ANY help ASAP is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!




Ruin Davidson


In order to save the results (redirect link) you need simply press on the arrow button within the line (or press "Enter" after you've typed the URL in the field). I've attached a screen shot in order to be more specific. After that you need to make some action (for example press on the link object or relocate it a bit) and "Save Changes" feature would be activated. You need to save & preview the results. It must work just fine then. Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,

Ruin Davidson

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