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Linda Kong

Is it possible to change the size of the images on slider widget?

We find that the images in the slider widget in Gallery is too big.  It takes up almost the whole screen on our laptops, I'd like our users to see more of the content that appears below the slider widget.  Is there a way to resize the images in the slider widget?  Attached is a screenshot of how our homepage looks on most users' laptops.  As you can see the slider images are entirely above the fold.


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Permanently deleted user

Hello Linda,

In order to make your Gallery look better please set appropriate size for preview and thumbnail images. In your case I can suggest to use images with 990 width and 424 height (should be resized before adding to the gallery). Our gallery can not optimize image dimensions if the image itself has different height and width then the gallery itself, especially if the difference is huge as in your case.

Best regards, 

Eric Curtis

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