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Valerie Haggerty-Zavislak

How I could edit the html with a slideshow widget?

Can anyone tell me how I can change the html? I am trying to add photos to my slideshow widget but they are all blurry. I have the html code that would have them come out clear but I do not know how to get to the html code to add it. 


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Permanently deleted user

Hello Valerie,

In your case it usually means that preview images or thumbnails are smaller by size than the Gallery itself. You should adjust image dimensions to match gallery actual size or change size of gallery thumbnails&preview according to your images size. Thumbnails size you can set by going to Preferences > Website preferences, then scroll down and check for background&lightbox settings. Or you can adjust your images, just set resizing parameters manually when you add your images to the gallery.

Best regards, 

Eric Curtis

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