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Tiziano Pancella

Media Gallery files lost !!!

Hello !!!

I had a problem a few days ago, while uploading an image to my Media Gallery in this website :

My internet connexion failed, so the file I was uploading never achieved. I had to re-connect again

to my admin, everything was bugging !!!


When re-connected, I saw that all my Media Gallery files (more than 4500 pics and videos!) was empty !!!

The website still showing all the pics and videos, but it really became slow to load !!! It completely bugged

my mobile version, so I had to stop it for a while !!!


This website took a lot of time to built, and I would like to solve this problem quite quickly !!! Did someone had

this problem has well??? Can someone help??? Re-installing all the files would take days!!!


Thanks for your comments !!!


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Den Amid


The number of 4500 images is impressive and probably this is causing the issue.  More detailed information your'll get in your ticket after testing your website.

Best regards,

Mathew Brown

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