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Scott Larson

My website looks silly on an iphone or samsung. Can I fix it for mobile applications?

There must not be flash on android because my fun introduction does not appear.  Also, my pictures are all over the place and there is text shown that I have long deleted from my website.  

1-- Can I make a mobile version?  If so, how do I start?

2-- How can I expunge old text that is inaccurate and even misleading from the iphone/samsung version of my site?


Scott Larson at


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Den Amid

Hello Scott,

  1. I see that your system is of version 1.8.0 and it means that there is available mobile version with its editor. Please go to your Control Panel and find the button 'Switch to Mobile version' on the top panel. Then you will be redirected to mobile version editor. Please create a website for mobile devices using available tools.
  2. You can remove useless text using your Control Panel. If there are some kind of difficulties you can submit a ticket or ask us about it here.

Best regards,

Mathew Brown

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