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Go Daddy's Search Engine Optimization

I use go daddy's seach engine visibility tools to tell me where my page ranks on its contents. Before I updated my mobile site, Go Daddy's crawler was able to tell me that my website had very good title tags, description tags, etc. It would do a complete seach over my complete website. When I updated my mobile site and I requested my site to direct any mobile users to the mobile site, Go Daddy's crawler only scans my mobile site. I was not too concern about Go Daddy only scanning the mobile site, however, when I go to look up my site in google, yahoo, etc. the search engines are also only finding my mobile site. When I went back to my original site and disable the redirect to the mobile site, the crawler's worked fine and scanned my complete site. My question is why are the crawler's being re-directed to the mobile site? I want to have both the orignial site and the mobile site, but I want my original site to be used for SEO optimization. I hope my make sense on what I am asking, please help as soon as possible.  


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This problem has happened because you were using the incorrect robots.txt file. The blocking for mobile version is set in the robots.txt file by "Disallow: /m/" command. Please make sure your rotos.txt file contains this rule. 

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Eric Curtis

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