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General understanding of how this stuff works? Plus Plus

I am very frustrated by the system.  I am looking for some place that has  a to z details of how to work the software.  I have searched and watched the videos but nothing seems to be the same or the step on where to find "placement" or something is left out.  I am creating pages but they never appear in the preview.  Only the couple of subpages ever appear.  I am not seeing anything other than save page to save my work.  


  1.  Why don't my created pages appear?

  2. Where do you find such things as placement etc....( I have watched the videos)

  3. My template had a section with folio in it.  I have changed the name and there were 3 subsections.  I need multiple subsections under this tab for photography.  Is that possible or am I limited to 3.  I have tried make subsections under the original sections but that does not show up either.

  4. Back to 1.  How do you make your changes show up? 

  5. Is there some place that has a complete tutorial on how to use the software from beginning to end with some details on how things are related?


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This is not so easy to answer here in the forum on such technical issues you are asking about. I see Zoe has already checked everything and gave you the beautiful replies in the ticket #72898. Please, ask your additional questions there. Thank you for understanding.

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