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Tim Chenoweth

Gallery to show Portrait and Lanscape

How can you set the Gallery widget to show both Portrait and landscape with out it croping and cutting portions of the images off?


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Hello Tim,

We have two kinds of galleries in our templates:

  1. Galleries that have fixed parameters. (the images are cropped to fit the borders of the gallery) 
  2. Galleries that change its shape. (borders of the gallery fit the borders of each page)

Looks like the gallery you are working on has fixed borders and that is why it cut the images. You can resize image dimensions to match gallery actual size. Also, please try to use Media Gallery Lightbox. That module also fits the size of the image and will not cut it. You can connect it to Media Gallery Thumbnail List to get all the images connected to that module (you had to add both components then connect them with a unique number

Best regards, 

Eric Curtis

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