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Justin Baker

Template #37747 Removal of features not in MotoCMS admin panel

On the template 37747, how can I remove the bubbles on the top right tabs?  I want them to highlight just like they do, but no bubbles.


Also, how can I get rid of the sound effects on the site, they are not run through a module on the MotoCMS admin panel either.  

Are these in the code for the site, and if so, how do I get rid of each of these?


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Den Amid

Hello Justin,

  1. You can remove these bubbles on the top of the 37747 by modifying its .fla (source) files. You will need an advanced knowledge of Flash and ActionScript 3 for this.

Or you can make a customization request to our template tuning. Please, provide us with the detailed description of the changes you would like to make, so we will consider the value, the terms and the price for this customization work.

  1. You can disable template's sound in your Control panel. Please see the attached screenshot.

Best regards,
Mathew Brown

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