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Steven Waller

Shipping / Delivery Charges


Are you any nearer developing a delivery/ shipping module for MotoCMS 3 as I  am finding it difficult to run our flower business online without being able to easily apply shipping / delivery charges. I have tried all kinds of ways to get round it using the tax module but this only works in percentages and is no good for fixed delivery charges.
I have also added a selectable shipping charge to the product in the variations, but most customers forget to use this or click the wrong variation and it is also very time consuming to add this to all products as you cannot add or fix the same variation to all your products and you have to set it up for each product?

If this cannot be solved then I will have to look at other products that already offer this feature.



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Sam Clayton

Hello Steven

Thank you very much for your ideas! I have already added them to our Feature Requests List. Our developers will consider adding these feature in one of our future updates of the store plugin.

We really appreciate our customer's feedback. Please, contact us anytime!

Best regards,
Sam Clayton

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