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New Cookie Policy and MotoCMS: How to avoid the violation of the Cookie Law

MotoCMS provides an opportunity to enable a Cookie Notification banner via the Settings - Advanced Settings section of your MotoCMS 3 template's Control Panel. The required feature is "Activate Cookie Notification".


And while this solution works fine in most cases, sometimes our customers require a more advanced Cookie banner, which contains more settings like  "Accept all Cookies", "Reject all Cookies", "Adjust cookies settings", etc, which won't allow customers to enter the site unless they accept the cookies.

The thing is that such a method won't work with our platform at the moment. You can either accept or close the Cookie Notification banner, and then you can still preview a site. But is it really an issue and do you violate the Cookie Law in such a case?

How MotoCMS 3 cookie works

1. MotoCMS 3 template generates only 1 impersonal cookie. How does it work? It contains a description with the information on when each specific customer enters the site for the first time, so the system should configure the work of the automatic popup windows (when to show such popups and when to avoid that). This is the only information collected by the impersonal cookie of MotoCMS.

2. Due to point 1, we can guarantee, that MotoCMS 3 impersonal cookie does not collect the personal info of our clients or your website visitors. This means that it matches the Cookie Law and you won't violate it in such a case.

3rd Party Services, that collect cookies

Even though, some cookies may still be collected. Where do they come from? Various 3rd party services: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook, Yandex and other integrations on your website. And there is no way to prevent collecting these cookies from these services from our side unless the only solution. You need simply disable these integrations in your Control Panel settings if you use them.

In the other words, third party services used on your site (for example, Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics for tracking visitors activity on your website, Disqus comments, YouTube videos) may store some cookies on your site visitors' computers and may collect some data and the only way to avoid it is not to use third party integration/services. Unfortunately, there's no opportunity to disable storing third party cookies on your site visitors' computers while these third party services are enabled. As well as there's no opportunity to disable these third party cookies on your site by disabling these services for only some part of the visitors who disagree with storing cookies on their computer or gathering analytics data about them by those third party companies whose services are integrated on your site.

How to avoid the violation of the Cookie Law?

If you are not using the 3rd party services that collect cookies, you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, it's recommended to disable all settings and custom widgets/applications, that you've added manually and which may gather this info about your site visitors.

Moreover, you may even disable a Cookie Notification banner in such a case, because there are no tools, that may collect personal info of your customers on your MotoCMS based website.

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