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Easy-to-Use Color Palette

No worries - the color of every button, text, or block background will be adjusted by the site’s palette. 


Of course, you can change colors manually, but it can cause some design mistakes. Thus, it’s better to save your nerves and time, and entrust customizing most of the elements to the color palette. 

  1. How can you change it? Open the editor and find three dots in the upper right corner of the toolbar. Then click on it and choose the Site Style option:

  2. In the upper left corner, you’ll see the Colors tab with the current site palette and the icon Edit below. Click on it and make your ideas come true:
  3. You’ll be redirected to a new window for changing the colors. Check if they match the text elements the way you want and click the button Done after that.

    Light shade - choose this option for:

    • the text on a dark background(the price in the product cards of an online store); 
    • a background for dark elements(the color of the hamburger menu icon on a dark background in the mobile version of the site).

    Dark shade - usually used for:

    • the color of the text that is on a light background(the color of the hamburger menu icon on a light background in the mobile version);
    • a background for light elements.

    The main brand color - the color used for: 

    • emphasizing the main elements on your site(the primary style of the buttons);
    • maintaining the overall design(the color of the price in product cards on a light background).

    Accent colors highlight objects on the site. Usually, light and dark accent colors help distribute them evenly throughout the site.

    Besides, the color palette automatically adjusts the colors of some elements by simply mixing them. With its help, you can make your imagination flow and change the description and the titles’ colors in the blog, the color of the hover for the sub-items in the menu, etc. 

    Here is an example of a green shade in the blog post:

    Still, you won’t notice any green shade in the current site palette.Screenshot_5.png

    Don’t be afraid of mistakes! Any time you can use an Undo button and try again. Test everything possible to get the astonishing design - change the colors, and figure out what elements are affected: 

    Moto4 site color palette is open to your experiments! Notice that after changing  the Dark shade, even the date color adjusts to it:Screenshot_7.png

    If you have no inspiration for website design development or you aren’t satisfied with the results, our gallery includes ready-made options for all tastes. Choose the palette of the site that meets your needs just in a few clicks and doesn’t drive you crazy:Screenshot_8.png
    Save the changes, click on Preview to check how your site will look like and, if everything’s all right, publish it.





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