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Deleting a Block

Do you need to remove a block from the site completely? This article will help you cope with that using the block settings.


Where to Begin?

  1. Choose the block you want to delete, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and select Delete in the dropdown list:
  2. It’s also possible to do that using the Move blocks mode. In the upper right corner of a specific block, find the icon responsible for moving and deleting blocks and click on it: 
  3. Then, near a specific block, you’ll see the bucket icon you need to click on for deleting.
  4. Now you can get back to the editor by clicking on the cross icon in the upper right corner. 
  5. If the current site view works for you, publish it.

Tip: in case you want some blocks to be hidden from prying eyes, for example, to publish them later or just keep some essential information, try the Hiding a block feature!

With Moto4, you can manage your site without effort.

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