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Handling the Editor

  1. Log in to the existing account on Moto4 or sign up if you don’t have it.
  2. Click Create site on your dashboard to start working on a site:
  3. You’ll be redirected to a new window where you’ll find a gallery with all the available templates.

    Tip: for more information on using the gallery, go to the article Choosing a template for your website.

  4. Click Start editing after you have found a template that meets your needs, and start creating your site:

    You’ll operate full-width sets of the elements, which are called “the blocks”. Each template includes them, which simplifies the process of creating a website. Moreover, these blocks adapt to different screen resolutions.
    The elements, in turn, include:

    • text;
    • images;
    • buttons’
    • other block contents. 

    Where can you find them? Usually, you can choose the element you need in columns or collections created for user-friendliness and quick customization. 

    Visit the article Managing elements to learn how to edit those elements or columns.

  5. Then, fill the template with the relevant content in the site’s editor - tell about your services and present all the essential information. Remember that you can add what you need(f.e. images) and change everything you don’t like(f.e. contact information).
    Collect your visitors’ requests by customizing the layout of your contact form.
    Tip: visit the article Site preview to understand how your site will look.

  6. Check how everything works to avoid an unpleasant surprise. Don’t forget to add all the necessary elements to your site(buttons, emails, phone numbers, etc.). The Link (hyperlink/chain) button will help adding links to elements.
  7. At any time, you can add new blocks or remove some if you don’t like how the site looks. Moreover, to improve the overall impression, you can add: 
    • buttons;
    • lists;
    • dividers;
    • social icons.

    Moto4 has made everything to meet your needs fully!

  8. Anything is possible with Moto 4. Thus, the toolbar includes the Site Style tab for you to change the site’s color palette in case you aren’t satisfied with the current one. What can you also change?

    • fonts;
    • button design.

    With the help of three dots near the Preview button in the toolbar, you can access the Site Style in the dropdown:

    1. After customizing your page's main content, you can switch between existing template pages or add new ones from the toolbar.
  9. Screenshot_5.png

    The thing is that you can access these pages only by direct link. You should link the menu elements to your header or footer if you want the page to appear in the site navigation menu.

    Follow the steps in the article Menu bar settings to achieve the desired results.

  10.  How to customize your template?

    1. Change your site’s logo.
    2. Set up global social links.
    3. Change the address of the site.
    4. Set up the unique URLs for your pages.
    5. Customize the site name in the browser tab, which ensures your branding. 
  11. To appear in Google and other search engine results, you should upgrade your site to Pro subscription. You’ll have the opportunity to launch your website after connecting your domain and adding your custom code.
  12. Congratulations! Now you can publish your site. Remember that you can also edit it anytime - Moto4 will automatically save all the changes.


    Besides, you can improve your site by extra steps:

    • add Google Maps;
    • set up your blog;
    • add analytics tools for tracking the activity on your website;
    • manage your form requests with the help of various third-party services;
    • add some marketing tools.

    Our support team is always open to your questions and discussions - chat or email us.

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