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Web browsers say my MotoCMS HTML site is not secure

Most of modern web browsers recommend SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to be installed on a site. That's why they add a sign that a website is not secure if site is accessed via insecure protocol. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. Search engines rank sites accessible via SSL higher since this ensures that all data transferred between the server and client's browser remain private and integral. 

In case you're still using a temporary link (preview URL), you should get a domain for your site first. You can purchase a domain with us by this link.

First of all, you can check your site to be available via HTTPS (which is actually HTTP with SSL). This can be done by typing your site address (domain) in your web browser address bar starting with https:// protocol, then your domain and subfolder if your site is located there. Below is an example:

Here we can have two options. If your site is shown correctly with no error, then SSL is already enabled on your domain, so the only thing you should do is just configure redirect from HTTP (not secure) to HTTPS (secure) protocol to access your site. This web site redirects guide will explain you how to do this easily.
In case you have problem with this - please reach our support team!

Another case is if your site is not shown by secure link This means that SSL is not enabled for your domain, so you should either get in touch with your hosting provider with a request to enable SSL on your site (making your site available via HTTPS) or purchase an SSL certificate with our partner by this link. As soon as SSL is purchased and activated (so your site is available via HTTPS as explained above), you will need to configure redirects.

If there is any question or issue configuring redirects, please don't forget to contact our support team!

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