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Browsers display my MotoCMS Flash site as non-secure

Almost all modern web browsers warn visitors that a website is non-secure if this site does not use SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer).

What is SSL? SSL is the standard security web technology. It allows to establishing an encrypted connection between a web server from one side and a website visitor (especially, his web browser) from the other side. The links that are shown as secure ensure that all information loaded between the web server and browser remains private and integral, not decrypted by any third party. That's why modern search engines rank secure websites higher in search results list.

The first step in this task is to check the site to be available via secure protocol - HTTPS. To be sure, please type your website address in your web browser address bar exactly as in the following example - first 'https://' then your website address. So the address should be as follows:

If you see that the site is shown correctly, no error comes before or while opening the site, then SSL is enabled on your site and all you need to do is configure a redirect from HTTP (non-secure) to HTTPS (secure) link to direct all visitors to the secure protocol regardless the used link. Please follow this web site redirect guide in order to complete this task.
If you face any difficulty with this - just let our support team know about that!

In the other hand, you may face a situation when your site cannot be shown by link or there's an error message that the certificate is invalid. Then you have two options: contact your hosting provider with a request to enable SSL certificate for your domain (making it accessible via HTTPS) or purchase SSL certificate from our partner by this link. Once SSL is purchased, activated and your site is accessible via HTTPS as explained above, you need to configure redirects.

If you face any difficulty configuring redirect, feel free to contact our support team!

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