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Widgets: Integration

1. Appointment by Acuity Scheduling

2. Reservation by OpenTable

3. Airbnb Apartment

Appointment by Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an online appointment scheduling feature, which allows you to optimize the process of scheduling for you and your business. You can integrate this feature via several quick steps:

1. Enter this page and register yourself. You need to specify the name of your business and your personal name.

2. Once it's done - you can create and edit various types of appointments, which you can offer for your clients. Enter Business Settings - Appointment Types tab and press "+ New Type of Service" button to proceed.

3. You can specify name of the service, required duration time to fulfill it, price for the service, add picture to make service look more attractive and select an access to the service, whether it's private or public. Once it's done - press "Create Appointment Type" button to proceed.

4. You can duplicate/edit any of your service types anytime within the "Appointment Types" tab.

5. "Availability" tab allows you to add new calendars, edit your regular weekly hours and availability for specific days. You need to double-click on any day and type required time.

6. If you won't be available during specific date or if you have strict working schedule - please make sure to remove any information from the weekly day, so it will be stated as "Closed" (visitors won't be able to select these day).

7. "Settings" tab allows you to change your calendar name, email and your location.

8. "Scheduling Limits" tab allows you to enable/disable various time-based limitations, reschedule the appointments of your clients etc. - everything you need to create a versatile appointment form.

9. "Customize Appearance" tab allows you to modify the visual appearance of the form and configure time-related features, such as start of the week, time format and time zone.

10. If you have calendars from other services - you can access "Syncing with Other Calendars" tab and sign to each of the required services. Once it's done - you will be able to select available calendars from the list and set up automatic reminders for each of them.

11. To make an appointment you need to access "Appointment Calendar" tab, select requested day, set up suitable time for your client and fill contact information. To confirm the changes you need to press "Schedule Appointment" button.

12. After confirming the changes you will be able to preview new appointment via Appointment Calendar's area. Also you can leave notes regarding appointment and the client or add new appointments.

13. You can integrate Client's Scheduling Page on your site via "Scheduling Page Link" tab. All you need to do is to find a link of the General Scheduling Page and copy it. After that please make sure to access your MotoCMS site's Control Panel.

14. You can find "Appointment by Acuity Scheduling" widget within the Widgets - Integration tab. Drag-and-drop this widget on the page.

15. Press "Edit" button, paste your Client's Scheduling Page into the appropriate field and save the results.

16. "Template" feature allows you to change the schedule from Daily to Monthly and "Type" feature allows you to select On Page or Button scheduling options.


Reservation by OpenTable

"Reservation by OpenTable" widget allows visitors to make online reservation.

If you haven't registered your restaurant yet - please follow this link and register it. Once it's done - you will receive a personal ID for your restaurant. Then you need to click on the "Add" button and paste this ID into the "Restaurant ID" field.

You can add as many restaurants as necessary or edit/remove existing IDs.

There are few visual types for your "Reservation by OpenTable" widget. These are "Standard", "Tall", "Wide" and "Button".

"Button" type can be used only if you have one restaurant ID. If you've enabled "Button" type - you won't be able to add new restaurant IDs. If you've changed the visual type and added more restaurant IDs - "Button" type will not be available.

You can change the language of all widget's features during the live preview via "Language" list.

Airbnb Apartment

"Airbnb Apartment" widget allows visitors to book your apartment.

Copy your Apartment ID into the appropriate field.

Please note: "Airbnb Apartment" widget allows you to use only ID which is related to the "room" category.

Example , where 834190 is your ID and apartment is presented within the "rooms" section in the URL.

"Hide the Price" will remove price information from your apartment rent notification.

"Hide the Reviews" will remove reviews from your apartment rent notification.

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