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Get started with InMotion hosting

Once you have purchased hosting from our partner InMotion, you should have received an email with a unique promocode. In order to get started simply follow the link and apply the promocode!

InMotion hosting apply the promocode


Carefully check provided options! Dedicated IP, as an example, will cost you an additional fee.

InMotion hosting additional options - Dedicated IP

Next, you may register a new domain (requires additional fee) or apply the domain you already own. When you proceeding with the new domain option, make sure to uncheck domain privacy from the cart (it costs an additional fee). In case the domain you'd like to use for your site is not available with InMotion, you can choose the 'I will decide later' option and purchase a domain on our site by this link. You'll be able to point it to your InMotion server later!



Now, you should provide your administrative email address and billing information. Please be advised - all login details and hosting account access will be sent to that email address.



After the checkout, you will get a confirmation email to your administrative email address and also you will get a callback from InMotion Activation team in order to confirm your purchase*
*If English is not your native language you may contact InMotion Activation team via chat and request an email activation instead of a callback.

InMotion hosting checkout


The confirmation email looks like this (please, check the image below) and will instruct you to send a photo of your credit card (the one that was used at the checkout) and a photo of the government issue ID. Please, attach them to the email and send to InMotion Activation team. 

InMotion hosting confirmation email

If the information is accurate, your hosting account will be activated and you will get a welcome email. Please click "To get started, please set your password here" and set the password to your new hosting account. Once completed, you will be logged in to your Hosting Account Cpanel.
InMotion hosting welcome email
InMotion hosting set your password

PLEASE NOTE! If you have requested a FREE domain from InMotion during checkout, you will get a confirmation email for domain activation as well. Make sure you have followed an activation link in the email in order to activate your domain (You should click on "Verify Information")
InMotion hosting activation link


Once you are done with hosting and domain confirmation process, most likely, you will need to create a database for your future website and obtain FTP access details for it. To explore how to get it done, please, take advantages of the following articles:

Creating a database
FTP access details

If you are going to make your website secure (https) - please take a look on our article about SSL Installation.

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