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MotoCMS 3 Updates


MotoCMS system is regularly updated. The team of developers works on the new pack of useful features and additional functionality and release them in a pack once in a month approximately. On average, all users subscribed for updates receive 10 updates per year.

To make sure that the features fit the client needs, customers requests are analyzed. Therefore, you can be sure that with the new update you will get exactly what you need. It can bring you new widgets, buttons, ecommerce plugin updates, new actions related to the editing process, and other improvements.

In addition, with the new updates, we fix bugs and possible issues related to the cross-browser compatibility, proper display, mobile and local versions, etc.

You can find a brief overview of the latest updates and features added to MotoCMS 3 and MotoCMS 3 Ecommerce templates on the Release Notes page.

All MotoCMS clients who have bought their MotoCMS 3 templates (including MotoCMS 3 Premium, MotoCMS 3 Landing or MotoCMS 3 Ecommerce) until 8th of April 2017 inclusive have a permanent lifetime free access to MotoCMS 3 and MotoCMS 3 Ecommerce updates.

All MotoCMS clients who have purchased the MotoCMS 3 or MotoCMS 3 Ecommerce products at 9th of April or later, get a free update subscription for 1 year starting from the product purchase date.

Full MotoCMS update subscription costs $69/ year for one account regardless of the number of licenses. It means that if you are using more than one template - you will pay only once to get a yearly update subscription for all of them. The subscription is a reoccurring payment, so once subscribed, you'll be automatically billed yearly.

The price is equal to $5.75 per update for all your licenses, which is less than the cost of an average two cups of coffee.

The reason why we have turned to the paid update subscription is the additional costs we invest in the improvement of our products to make them stand out and be up to date. You can learn more about MotoCMS Subscription on our MotoCMS website update subscription page.

If you want to find more information about the update availability for your current licenses, buy or cancel the update subscription, visit My Purchases and Update Subscription sections of your MotoCMS account

Alternatively, you can buy the subscription using a direct link. Just make sure to use the email which is mentioned in your MotoCMS user account where the products you need to update are located in.

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