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Cookie Law Popup

You can add a popup with a warning about Cookies by adding a custom code for such popup to your website header section(if you already have a code you can skip directly to 9-th step of this tutorial). But in order to make this procedure even simpler we would like to offer you a third party solution that allows you to create such code with easy to use builder so you just need to copy and paste the code. Here are the steps you need to take in order to create such popup and add it to your website:

1. Please open website. On this website we need to modify 5 settings to make your popup look the way you like.

2. On the first step you need to select the design of your popup window and where it will be located. In this example we have selected a floating popup on the right 

3. Next step allows you to select one of 4 design presets for your popup window. We have selected an Edgeless design for this example

4. After that you can select the colors  you want to use for your popup so it will resemble your website color scheme. You can either use one of color templates or create your own color combination.

5. On the next step you can modify where "Learn more" link should be redirecting. You can redirect it to your own policy page or to any other resource.

6. Next step should be skipped completely. Before you go to next step please check that you have selected "Just tell users that we use cookies" setting as this is the only popup type that can be easily added. All other popup types require creation of custom code by experienced developer.

7. The last step allows you to modify the text you can see on this popup or translate it to other language.

8. Once you are satisfied with your popup design you can click on "Copy code" button to save the code for your popup.

9. Next we will be adding the code to your website. Please log in to MotoCMS 3 control panel and open Settings tab. There you need to open Code Injection section and paste your popup code to Header text field and click on Save settings button.

10. Now you have a Cookies popup warning on your website. You can open your website and check how it works.

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