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How to add RSS feed widget to MotoCMS 3 template

This guide will help you to add an RSS widget to your webpage. RSS widget is a news feed widget that constantly gets updated from the RSS channel which you have selected. We can recommend you use feedwind RSS reader builder. In order to add it please follow these steps:

1. Please open feedwind RSS reader builder website. You will need to sign in or sign up for a new account.1.png

2. After authorization, you will be taken to the RSS widget settings window2.png

3. There you can set up your RSS widget design by using the settings on the left side of the page. First please add your RSS feed link to the Feed URL text field. We can recommend you use Responsive width settings and specify your widget height in pixels.3.png

4. You can fine-tune the RSS widget in the settings column, and change the color, properties, and style. On the right side of the page, you can see what your RSS widget will look like.4.png

5. Once you are satisfied with your widget appearance please click on the "Save & Get code" button.5.png

6. In the newly opened popup window please click on the "Copy Code" button to copy the code of your widget.6.png

7. Please open your MotoCMS control panel and add the "Embed" widget to your page.7.png

8.  Then paste the code you have copied in step "5" to the "Paste HTML Code " text field and save the changes.8.png

9. Now you may preview the page and evaluate how your RSS feed widget is working.

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