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How to create a copy of your Moto CMS Flash template for new website

1. Single Moto CMS template can be used to build only one website, so additional lisence is required to run template for new website. In order to make a copy you will need to purchase another Moto CMS template with the same number as your original template. You can find your template number in your account at https://accounts.motocms.comYou should receive your login and password for this website to email address that was used for purchase.
2. Please purchase a template.
3. Install default template you have purchased by using this tutorial.
4. Connect to your server with original template by using FTP connection. Then please download following folders:


Also please download following files:


5. Now you can connect to your new server where you have installed your default template that was purchased recently. Please upload files you have downloaded in previous step in binary and active modeAlso you will need to replace files with same names during file upload.
6. Now you can open your Moto CMS control panel for new template and check if changes you have made were transferred. If you have any further questions you can submit a request to our support team at this page

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