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Widgets: More

This widget allows you to use the "Google Map" application on your site’s pages.

Following features can be used for editing Google Map: "Address", "Zoom", "Height", "Spacing".

"Address" - represents your location address on the map. You can use town and country details within the mentioned field, so widget will automatically find required results. Valid example:,+UK

If you use invalid details - you will see the following error: "Incorrect Address".

"Zoom" - increases/decreases zoom level (visual distance) within the widget. Minimum zoom level - 0. Maximum zoom level - 20.

"Height" - increases/decreases widget’s height on page. Minimum height - 100px. Maximum height - 5000px.

This widget allows you to use "Contact Form" widget with integrated "MailChimp" features.
Widget is separated into two tabs: "Settings" and "Design"
To connect your account please click "Connect Account" button. If you haven't created such account - please use "Create Account" link under the mentioned button and create account first.
To edit your account you need to click "Edit" button.
Copy and paste your "MailChimp API Key" within the appropriate field and save the results.
If you've created a list (tool which allows you to manage your contacts or subscribers) - such list will appear within the "Choose List" section. Otherwise only "None" option will be available.


Form Fields

There are presented 6 main fields within the "Form Fields" block: "Name", "Email", "Phone", "Address", "Subject" and "Message". All fields can be removed (except an "Email" field). You can enable mandatory feature (*) for each field separately by using Field Mandatory button (“*”) on the right side of each field.

Form Settings

This block allows you to edit form field’s status messages. There are presented the following fields: "Send Button Text", "Success Message", "Error Message for Mandatory Fields" and "Error Message for Email Field".

"Design" tab allows you to customize "MailChimp Contact Form" appearance. Available presets are located within the list of "Preset Name" section.

To change "Subscribe" button appearance you need to choose one of available button presets within the "Subscribe" section.

"Button" size can be customized within the "Size" section. There are available 3 sizes: "Small", "Medium" and "Large".


This widget allows you to create commentary form on your site's page.

If you haven't created a "Disqus" account yet - please use "Create New" link in the description within the Properties area.

All you need to do is to connect your existing account and identify your site on Disqus. For this you need to click the "Connect" button.

You need to specify your "Shortname" within the appropriate field in order to connect your site.

You can also edit/remove "Shortname" within the Settings - Integration section in the Control Panel.


"Language" - this feature allows you to choose necessary language for your commentary form.

"URL Rules" - this feature allows you to set specific URL rules: "Absolute URL Based On Control Panel Settings" or "Absolute URL Without Control Panel Settings". If you've enabled Absolute URL based on control panel settings - widget will show commentaries on the page until you change page's URL. They will disappear once it's changed. On the other hand, such feature as Absolute URL without control panel settings is set by default and commentaries won't be affected by changes in the SEO settings.

Countdown Timer

This widget allows you to place countdown timer on the site's page.

"Settings" tab contains the following blocks: "General Countdown Timer Settings", "Date Format", "Display", "After Countdown is Complete" and "Animation".

General countdown timer settings allows you to edit "Expiration Date", "Time", "Event Timezone" and "Language".

"Expiration Date" - this feature allows you to set expiration date of the action/event on your site's page.

"Time" - this feature allows you to see how much time is left until the expiration date.

"Event Timezone" - this feature allows you to set necessary timezone for the action/event.

"Language" - this feature allows you to set required language for the date types (years, days etc.)

"Date Format" block allows you to enable/disable date types and delimiter type within the Countdown Timer.

"Display" block allows you to edit the following settings: "Spacing", "Devices", "Alignment", "Visible On".


"After Countdown is Complete" block allows you to set specific action for the countdown timer when event expires. You can stop timer at 0, hide counter or redirect event to the specific URL.



This widget allows you to place your "Slideshare" presentations on the site's page.

There are two main features: "Presentation URL" and "Spacing".

All you need to do is to copy URL of your presentation and paste it within the Presentation URL field. After that you can preview changes within the Admin Panel or on the live site.



This widget allows you to show external sources on the site’s pages.

The following features can be used for editing iFrame widget: "URL", "Height", "Spacing".

"URL" - this feature allows you to set URL, which automatically reflects it’s content in iFrame.

You can edit URL within the "URL" field and then apply the results.

"Height" - increases/decreases widget’s height on page. Height is set to 120 by default. Minimum height - 100px. Maximum height - 1000px.


This widget provides possibility to create custom applications on your site's pages (if you have embed HTML or javascript code).

The following features can be used for this widget: "Paste HTML Code", "Spacing", "Devices" and "Alignment".

"Paste HTML Code" - this feature contains the area, where you can place custom code. It's highly recommended to use <iframe> based code, if you wish to preview result within the Control Panel of your product.



This widget provides possibility to display a large amount of content in vertical sections on the page.
"Accordion" widget is separated into two tabs: "Settings" and "Design".

The "Settings" tab consists of the following blocks: "Items", "Display", "Animation".
"Items" block allows you to use the following features: "Add", "Items Behavior", "Icons Alignment".
"Add" button allows you to add a new item. The maximum amount of items is 50.
Each item contains the following fields: "Title", "Icon".
"Title" - this field contains the name of your accordion item.
"Icon" - this feature allows you to choose various visual icons for your accordion items.
Once you created an item with your "Title" and "Icon", you can edit/duplicate/remove it.
In order to add content to accordion items, you should expand the necessary item and place a widget within the "Item" section.
!Important! Due to specifics of the Accordion widget only the following widgets can be placed inside any item:

Widgets: Structure - "Row".
Widgets: Basic - "Text", "Image", "Button", "Divider", "Space".
You can change the position of items by dragging them one over another.
"Items Behavior" affects the appearance of accordion items.
"Toggle Items" feature allows you to preview only one expanded item at once.
"Expand Items" feature allows you to preview as many expanded items as necessary.
"Expanded First Item" feature provides possibility to preview first accordion item as expanded by default.
"Show Open/Close Icons" feature allows you to hide or show Open/Close buttons within the Accordion widget.
"Icons Alignment" feature allows you to change the Icon position in relation to the Item dropdown.
The "Display" block consists of "Spacing", "Visible On" features which are the common widget features.
The "Animation" is a common widget feature.
"Design" tab allows you to customize "Accordion" widget appearance. Available presets are located within the list of "Preset Name" section.
This widget provides possibility to store site's content within the horizontal tabs and navigate between them. It saves visual space on the page and only one tab can be accessed at a time.
"Tabs" widget is separated into two tabs: "Settings" and "Design".
"Settings" tab allows you to modify the following features: "Items", "Justified Titles", "Titles Alignment", "Spacing", "Visible On" and "Animation".
"Items" block provides possibility to add, edit, duplicate, rotate and remove tabs. Maximum amount of tabs is limited up to 50.
"Add Item" feature allows you to create new tab with specific title and icon.
You can change/remove icon for each tab using appropriate buttons.
"Justified Titles" feature allows you to stretch tab titles through the entire widget's width.
"Titles Alignment" feature allows you to stretch title/titles across the entire "Tabs" widget area proportionally.

PayPal button

This widget allows you to create/manage PayPal button on your site’s page.

PayPal button widget is separated into two main tabs: "Settings" and "Design".

Settings - this tab contains the following functions and blocks: "Type", "PayPal Email", "Open in", "Payment Details", "Additional Expenses", "Display".

"Type" - this feature allows you to change button payment type. You can use "Buy Now" and "Donate" types for selling and charity purposes. 

You can connect your "PayPal button" widget to your PayPal ID or an email address associated with your PayPal account.

"Open in" feature allows you to choose whether the PayPal payment system should be opened in a new window or on the current page.

"Payment Details" block contains the following features - "Item Name", "Item ID", "Currency", "Contribution Amount""Price"

"Item Name" feature allows you to specify the name of the item.

"Item ID" feature allows you to specify the ID of the item.

The following currencies are present in the "Currency" dropdown: "AUD", "BRL", "CAD", "CZK", "DKK", "EUR", "HKD", "HUF", "ILS", "JPY", "MYR", "MXN", "NOK", "NZD", "PHP", "PLN", "GBP", "RUB", "SGD", "SEK", "CHF", "TWD", "THB", "USD".

There are two "Contribution Amount" types available - "Any amount" and "Fixed amount" for the specific price.

If "Fixed amount" feature is selected, the price can be specified in the "Donation Amount" field.

"Price" field is available only if "Buy Now" payment type was selected. This field is similar to "Fixed Amount" field.

"Additional expenses" block is avaliable only for "Buy Now" payment type and contains the following features - "Shipping Rate""Tax Ammount (%)".

"Shipping Rate" feature is for adding the price for delivery of the purchase.

"Tax Ammount (%)" feature is for adding the taxed price.

"Display" block allows you to edit the following settings: "Spacing", "Alignment", "Visible On".


"Design" tab contains number of presets, which change the visual appearance of the PayPal button widget based on the selected "Button Types" feature - "PayPal Button", "Theme Button", "Custom image".

"PayPal Button" is for a usual PayPal button and it has the following features - "Button Style", "Country and Language".

"Button Style" feature allows you to modify the usual PayPal button.

There are three styles available - "Default", "Hide credit cards logos", "Use smaller button".

"Default" style is for a default PayPal button.

"Hide credit cards logos" style is for hiding the cards brands on a PayPal button.

"Use smaller button" style is for making the PayPal button thinner.

"Country and Language" feature allows you to change a language for your default PayPal button.

The following countries and languages are present: "United States", "Australia", "United Kingdom", "French (Canadian)", "Spanish", "Italian", "French", "German", "Portuguese (Brazilian)", "Chinese (Simplified)", "Danish", "Chinese (Hong Kong)", "Indonesian", "Hebrew", "Japanese", "Dutch", "Norway", "Polish", "Portuguese", "Russian", "Swedish", "Thai", "Chinese (Taiwan)".

If "Buy Now" type was selected, you will see an additional "Button Text" feature in the "Design" tab for the "PayPal button" type.

This "Button Text" feature allows to select a premade text "Buy Now", "Pay Now" for the button.

"Theme Button" type is for a template theme-based button and it has the following features - "Button Text", "Button Preset", "Size".

"Button Text" feature allows to type another text for the button.

"Button Preset" feature allows you to change the "Theme Button" appearance by selecting one of the premade presets.

"Size" feature allows you to choose the "Theme button" size - "Small", "Medium" and "Large".

"Custom Image" type is for a button with your own custom image. It has the following features - "Image", "Title", "Alt Text".

"Image" feature is for adding a custom picture for your button. It has Add/Delete options.

"Add" option redirects you to "Media Library" where you can choose an existing image or upload and use a new one for your button.

"Delete" option removes the image for your button.

"Title" - your image’s title (it can be changed within the same field for mentioned image within the Media Library). Also it improves SEO (when you overlay image with cursor - you will see image’s title). Search engines can also index such a title.

"Alt Text" - this text will appear instead of your image if your browser’s settings block the possibility to preview images.

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