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Widgets: Social

1. Social Links
2. Social Buttons
3. Facebook Feed
4. Twitter Timeline
5. Pinterest Board
6. Instagram Post

Connecting your site with social media is very important for both your company customers to easily follow you and SEO due to increasing conversion between site and social networks. In case your company social networks profiles haven't been created yet, we recommend you to consider doing this. If you don't have a cover image for your Facebook page, Instagram highlight covers or a Facebook/Instagram profile photos, don't know how to choose a keyword-rich username or what should be written in profile description - we'll be happy to assist you with this if you get our Social Media Brand Building service by following this link.

Social Links

This widget allows you to create social links on your site's pages.

"Social Links" widget is separated into two tabs: "Settings" and "Design".

"Settings" tab contains the following fields: "Facebook URL", "Google+ URL", "Twitter URL", "Pinterest URL" and "Linkedin URL".You need to specify necessary social page's URL within the mentioned fields, so you will be able to access them through the necessary button.

If you wish to change the icon manually - click on the yellow "Add" button, then specify your social page's URL, enable the "As Image" feature, and use a custom icon there. Make sure to upload this icon image into the Media Library first.

Social Buttons

This widget allows you to use various like and share buttons of popular social networks.

There are presented such features: "Devices", "Alignment" and "Spacing".

Properties section allows you to enable/disable such social buttons as "Facebook Share", "Facebook Like", "Twitter Tweet", "LinkedIn Share", "Google+ Share" and "Google +1".

You can change button position by relocating it within the Properties section, using your mouse cursor.

Facebook Feed

This widget allows you to show content from Facebook Fan page within the "Facebook Feed" widget's area.

There are presented such features: "Facebook Page URL", "SEO Title", "Spacing", "Height", "Show Friend's Faces", "Use Small Header", "Hide Cover Photo" and "Show Page Posts".

All you need to do is to paste "Facebook Fan Page URL" within the appropriate field, so content will appear within the "Facebook Feed" widget's area.

"SEO Title" - this feature will show specific text until system will preload a necessary feed.


"Height" - this feature allows you to increase/decrease Facebook Feed area (from 70 up to 999px).

"Show Friend's Faces" - allows you to show/hide friend's faces within the Facebook Feed area.
"Use Small Header" - allows you to decrease/increase header's size within the Facebook Feed area.
"Hide Cover Photo" - allows you to hide/show cover photo within the Facebook Feed area.
"Show Page Posts" - allows you to hide/show page posts within the Facebook Feed area.

Twitter Timeline

This widget provides possibility to create and edit various Twitter widgets on your site's page.

There are such features: "Connection Type" (through "Widget ID" or "Username", "SEO Title", "Spacing", "Tweet Limit", "Language", "Hide Header", "Hide Footer" and "Color Scheme".

If you choose "Widget ID" connection type -  you need to create unique widget ID in your account settings and paste it within the "Widget ID" section, so content will appear within the "Twitter Timeline" widget's area.

If you choose "Username" type of connection - you need to paste your Twitter username into the "Username" field.

"SEO Title" - this feature will show a specific text until system will preload necessary tweets.

"Tweet Limit" - this feature allows you to set the limit of tweets (from 1 up to 20).

"Language" - this feature affects the text language within the "Twitter Timeline" area.

"Hide Header" and "Hide Footer" features allow you to hide/show header and footer within the "Twitter Timeline" area.

"Color Scheme" - this feature affects the theme of your "Twitter Timeline" area ("Dark", "Light" or "Transparent" background).

Pinterest Board

This widget allows you to place individual "Pinterest Board" on your site's page.

There are such features: "Pinterest Board URL", "Spacing", "Image Width" and "Board Height".

All you need to do is to paste your "Pinterest Board URL" within the appropriate field, so it will show your "Pinterest Board' within the widget's area.


"Image Width" - this feature allows you to increase/decrease the width of images within the widget's area (from 60 up to 500px).

"Board Height" - this feature allows you to increase/decrease the height of your board (from 60 up to 500px).

Instagram Post Widget

This widget allows you to display a single Instagram Post on your website using Instagram API with Facebook Application.

First of all, you need to connect your Facebook Application to your website. You can do it by following this link. You need to click the Create App button: Screenshot_1.jpg
then choose
a Consumer Facebook application and press the Continue button:
After that you'll be offered to fill the App Display Name and App Contact Email to proceed. Once filled in, please press the Create App button. Please note: you might be forced to re-type your Facebook account password to proceed!

Once created, you need to go to the application Settings - Basic to fill in all necessary details that may vary due to Facebook policy and terms of use. By the date of writing this article, the following fields are required: Display Name, App Domains, Contact Email, Privacy Policy URL, Terms of Service URL, User Data Deletion, Category (Business and Pages should be chosen).


After filling all required fields with your information, you should click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. Then you can switch the App Mode from Development to Live in the top bar:
Upon performing all these steps, you can copy the App ID and App Secret from the Facebook app to your MotoCMS admin panel. You can do it in Instagram Post widget Properties (if it's the first time you use it) or in Settings - Integration - Instagram.

Last but not least, you have to Review App. In order to do it, you need to go to the Facebook Application App Review and follow the steps of this guide by Facebook.

After all these actions you'll be able to actually use the "Instagram Post" widget which consists of "Properties" area and a "Display" block.


"Properties" area has a "Post URL" feature which allows you to paste your Instagram Post URL and display the Post on the page.

"Hide Caption" feature allows you to hide Instagram Post Author's comment about the Post.

The "Display" block consists of the common widget features: "Spacing", "Devices", "Alignment", "Visible On".


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