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How to move Moto3 to another server

Moving your website from one server to another server can be done by following the guide below. In case there's any question or issue during the process - don't hesitate to contact our support team by this link, they will assist you.

If you don't want to do site transfer from one server to another by yourself, you can have our support team do this for you within 3 hours - just get this service by following this payment link.

1. If you wish to transfer your template from one server to another server - enter your hosting panel, select File Manager tool and access the server, where your template's files are located.

2. Highlight all files and folders of your template according to the example and click the 'Compress' button to create an archive with template's files.

3. Select this archive and click the 'Download' button to save it on your hard drive.

4. Enter 'PhPMyAdmin' area and select your database.

5. Choose 'settings' tab and find 'website.address' row. Change your site's URL if you'll use new domain name on the new server. You can find new domain name in the Primary Domain section of your hosting panel. Otherwise, keep this field untouched.



6. Select your database, click the 'Export' button and then on the 'Go' button to create a backup of your site's database.

7. Enter your new hosting panel, select File Manager tool, enter your server and upload the archive with template files there.

8. Select your archive and click the 'Extract' button. Now all template's files are located on your new server.

9. Enter /mt-includes/config folder and open settings.php file via 'Edit' setting. This file contains information about your database details.

10. Enter 'MySQL Database' section and create new database, user and password.

11. Add user to the database, check 'All Privileges' checkbox and confirm changes via 'Make Changes' button.

12. Copy your database details into the /mt-includes/config/settings.php file. Make sure to remove all 'base64_decode' lines in the document.

13. Enter 'PhPMyAdmin' area, select your new database and click the 'Import' button.

14. Click the 'Choose File' button, select the backup of your database and press 'Go' button.

15. Type or copy/paste your new domain name in the browser's search bar. If you've made everything correctly - you will preview your live site.

16. Enter your site's Control Panel by adding 'mt-admin' to your site's URL. Example:

17. Once you'll type login and password - you will see Control Panel activation screen. Enter your personal account on, select 'My Purchases' tab and click the 'Reactivate' button.

18. Copy/paste IP and domain name information into the appropriate fields and press 'Activate' button.

19. Refresh your site's page and re-type access details. If you've made everything correctly - you will access your site's Control Panel without any activation errors.


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